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Turkish Angora
Location: Mer Delta, Verdant Range, Malburg
Rarity: Uncommon
Elusive: 2

The Turkish Angora is a Uncommon cat found in Mer Delta, Verdant Range, and Malburg.


The Turkish Angora found in Malburg is pure white with blue eyes. Its elusive form in Verdant Range is black with a white chest, belly, and paws. In Mer Delta, it is mainly white with a brown tabby "saddle", forehead, and tail.

Mer Delta (Elusive)[]

  • Level 18-22
  • Attack 8, Health 5, Speed 9
  • Lucky Bread 25 Meowbux
  • First, third, fifth and seventh battle nodes

Verdant Range (Elusive)[]

Verdant Range

  • Level 23-27
  • Attack 7, Health 6, Speed 9
  • Lucky Bread 25 Meowbux
  • First, fourth and seventh nodes.


  • Level 60
  • Attack 7, Health 5, Speed 8
  • Lucky Bread 25 Meowbux
  • First and Fourth nodes.


  • The Turkish Angora is one of a few kittens whose Elusive forms are found before the original. Other examples include the Cheetoh, the Siberian and the Norwegian Forest Cat.
  • These cats are thought to be the oldest domestic cat breed.