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Toaster Pastry
Percent Boost: 70% HP Steal
Bake Price: 35 Flour
Bake Time: 03:05:00
Recipe Cost: 135 Flour or 45 Meowbux
Region Unlock: Amberfield

A toaster pastry is a type of pastry designed to be heated in a toaster. It is generally intended to be eaten for breakfast, but is often eaten as a snack. While it is usually called a Pop-Tart, this name is trademarked. It is an HP Steal (Leech) bread and "leeches" 70% of the amount the other cat's HP dropped after the previous hit. And the toaster pastry is also a reference to Nyan Cat.

It is unlocked after completing Amberfield along with Kare-pan.

Breakfast Breads (Leech Breads)[]


  • The achievement Ready To Nyan involves the Toaster Pastry. This is probably a reference to Nyan Cat, a popular YouTube video featuring a cat flying through space wearing a Pop-Tart and trailing a rainbow behind it.

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