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Steamed Bun
Percent Boost: 2X Crit Chance
Bake Price: 5 Flour
Bake Time: 0:05:00
Recipe Cost: 15 Flour or 5 Meowbux
Region Unlock: Peris and Breezy Expanse

Also called Mantou, the Steamed Bun is a staple in northern parts of China where wheat, rather than rice, is grown.  In Bread Kittens and Bread Puppies, this bread is worn as a "helmet" and multiplies the chance to get Crits by 2.

In Bread Kittens, it is unlocked after completing Peris, along with Wheat Bread.

In Bread Puppies, it is unlocked after completing Breezy Expanse, along with Wheat Bread.

Bun Breads (Crit Breads)[]

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