Information Edit

Location: Mer Delta, Verdant Range, Eastport Harbor
Rarity: Rare
Elusive: 2

.The Sphynx is a Rare cat found in Mer Delta. It has two elusive forms, one in Verdant Range and one in Eastport Harbor.



The Sphynx is a hairless cat that comes in pink, gray, or a mix of the two. In Mer Delta, this cat is pink with gray patches and ice- blue eyes. Its two recolors in Verdant Range and Eastport Harbor are gray and pink, both with lime- green eyes.

Grey and pink

Mer DeltaEdit

  • Lvl 18-21
  • Attack 5, Health 9, Speed 12
  • Second, Fourth, and Sixth Battle Spots

Verdant Range (Elusive)Edit

  • Lvl 25-27
  • Attack 6, Health 9, Speed 13
  • First, Third, Fifth, and Seventh, Battle Spots

Eastport Harbor (Elusive)Edit

  • Lvl 33-37
  • Attack 5, Health 10, Speed 13

First, Forth, and Sixth Battle Spot


  • Although the Sphynx is called a hairless cat, it actually has an invisible fuzz all over its body (like all hairless cats).
  • The Ukrainian Levkoy has identical colour variants to the Sphynx (Pink/w grey patches, Dark grey, Pink), the only difference being where they are found, and which colour is elusive.