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Percent Boost: 40% Damage
Bake Price: 20 Flour
Bake Time: 00:50:00
Recipe Cost: Unlocked Automatically
Region Unlock: Argentvale and Hoshu Isle

Sourdough bread is a tasty bread that requires long fermentation period giving it that "sour" taste. Good with just butter spread, it is also a incredibly tasty when used as a "bowl" with New England clam chowder. In Bread Kittens and Bread Puppies, this bread increases the damage of your attack by 40%. It is the only loaf (attack boost) bread that is small and round.

In Bread Kittens, it is unlocked after completing Argentvale. In Bread Puppies it is unlocked after completing Hoshu Isle. In both games, it is unlocked along with the Sesame Bagel.

Loaf Breads (Attack Breads)[]

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