Location: Amberfield (Boss)
Rarity: Very Rare
Elusive: N/A

The Savannah is a Very Rare cat found as the Boss of Amberfield.


The Savannah has small, brown stripes and brown spots with a tan-yellow body and golden yellow eyes. The Savannah has a sly, smart look, quite unlike its real-life companion which has almost round eyes. It also has large ears and an unusually long tail.


The Savannah is found in Amberfield as the boss, meaning that it is in the last battle spot.


  • Attack = 8
  • Health = 8
  • Speed = 14


The Savannah, as the last of the Very Rare bosses, is the hardest Very Rare boss. While the Himalayan has extremely high Health, and the Toyger has extremely high Attack, The Savannah has not only extremely high Speed, but also has very good Health and Attack. The way to beat it: lots and lots and lots of cat chow. Don't forget high leveling.


-The Savannah is the very last Very Rare boss in Bread Kittens.

- Savannah cats are a cross between the serval and a domestic cat.

-Unlike popular belief, the Savannah is not a cross of a cheetah and house cat, but an African serval and a house cat. Its unusual cross became popular at the end of the 1990's, and declared a championship breed in 2001.

-The Savannah,unlike popular belief,was not started on purpose.It originated as a chance mating between a male serval and a female Bengal cat.Breeders liked the hybrid enough to continue the breed.

-The Savannah was declared the tallest domestic cat breed by Guiness World Records.