Sand Cat
Sand Cat
Location: Snowridge Valley
Rarity: Unique
Elusive: None

The Sand Cat is a Unique kitten found in Snowridge Valley. It can be obtained at level 4 by inviting 10 friends to the game.


The Sand Cat seems to have greenish eyes and dark yellow fur with black-gray lines on it. It is based off of the Sand Cat or Sand Dune Cat.


The Sand Cat cannot be found in any location, but it's marked in Snowridge Valley. You can only obtain it after inviting 10 friends to the game VIA FaceBook.. After inviting 10 friends, it will appear in the Dojo at level 4.


  • Attack:9
  • Health:10
  • Speed:9


  • Other than Ginger, the Mythicat, the Palas Cat, and the Very Rare Leopard, the Sand Cat is the only cat obtainable from a method other than breading.
  • Even though the Sand Cat is marked to appear in Snowridge valley, it can't really be found there.
  • The sand cat is a species of small wildcat found in the Arabian Desert.