Bread_Kittens Wiki
Location: Snowridge Valley (December only)
Rarity: Very Rare
Elusive: none

Pepurrmint is a Very Rare cat found as an event kitten in December in Snowridge Valley.


Pepurrmint is a red-and-white cat with a tuft of hair on her forehead, heterochromic red and green eyes, a red collar with a gold bell, red-striped inner ears and tail, stylish tufts of hair on the back legs and a spring of mistletoe on her left ear.


Pepurrmint is found in Snowridge Valley at battle node 5. She is only available in December.


  • Level 56
  • Very Rare
  • Stats: 8 Attack, 9 Health, 3 Speed
  • Lucky Bread: 135 Meowbux


  • Pepurrmint is the only special kitten that can be battled and captured outside of the Adoption Center. It can be found in the fifth battle node.
  • Pepurrmint is one of the only two kittens that has a confirmed gender. According to the Christmas update, Pepurrmint is female.
  • It is a special cat only for the Christmas season.
  • In the Adoption Center, it costs 135 MeowBux.
  • Pepurrmint is one of the only two kittens who sport a collar.