Location: Malburg (Boss)
Rarity: Unique
Elusive: None

The Panther is a Unique cat found as the Boss of Malburg.It is a good cat to have at your side and is very powerful.


The Panther is a muscular, gray-black cat with glowing, pale yellow eyes. Its claws are visible and sharp.


At the end of Malburgs last battle spot, "Boss area" the panther will be found there as the boss.


  • Attack: 11
  • Health :7
  • Speed: 4

Capturing Instrucions Edit

How to catch the Panther:

  1. 1 first have all three of your cats Level 60.
  2. 2 Make sure at least one of your cats has the Marbled Rye.
  3. 3 Also you would need a cat to have the Taiyaki, but make the

cat who has the Taiyaki have a lot of health and it's scratch is low; so that you could get it lower Heath.

  1. 4 You need 2 cats with a lot of attack or good hits, like the Cheetoh or Mythicat.
  2. 5 Get a lot of cat chow but if your cats are bad get ALOT of cat chow.
  3. 6 Get 20 or 40 meow bucks in case you need to buy something.
  4. 7 Get a lot of Bread, if you ask me like 50 bread or something.
  5. 8 Now start the battle.
  6. 9 Now first use your best cat, get it down to 4000 Health or

less. Get your cat wearing the Taiyaki. Scratch it under 300 health. Then aim at the gold and press the bread capture button! If it doesn't catch then try again. Try untill it captures. If you run out of bread use the 20-40 meow bucks. Buy more. If it still doesn't capture, watch videos to get meow bucks and buy more. Keep on doing that. 😃 #10 Now you should have captured it, I hope I helped!!!

Another way to catch this cat is with the Bread A Kitten For Free Glitch, to learn how to use it go here


The Panther, as the boss of Malburg, is the hardest cat to defeat in the game. Its attack and health are both excellent, and it also has the Angry advantage to make it even stronger. Like all cats in Malburg, it is at the maximum level of 60, so even a team of fully leveled cats won't do much against this cat!

However, the 2.14.5 update made this fight not quite as challenging. That's a good thing, because otherwise it would be VERY hard.


  • The Panther has the highest Attack of any cat along with the Ocicat, Munchkin, and Mythicat.
  • Hard to defeat bring good bread