Bread_Kittens Wiki
Location: Malburg
Rarity: Unique
Elusive: None

The Mythicat is a Unique cat that can only be obtained in the Adoption Center after adopting the Palas Cat and the Leopard. To do this, one needs friends on Facebook or 190 Meowbux. After that, another 265 Meowbux is required to adopt the Mythicat.


The Mythicat is a pure white kitten with wings and two tails, all blue-tipped. Its left ear is also blue tipped. Around its neck are blue pearls forming a collar, the "bell" of which is a bright red seashell. Its eyes are a turquoise-blue. There is a small red diamond on its forehead.

Adoption Center[]

  • Level = highest level of cats on player's current team
  • Attack 11, Health 9, Speed 12 (5)
  • Lucky Bread N/A
  • Battle node N/A


  • The Mythicat is possibly based on the Nekomata, a cat demon from Japanese folklore described as having two tails or a forked tail.
  • Despite being listed as being from Malburg in-game, it actually cannot be obtained there, like all the other Special cats and dogs.
  • Mythicat and Pepurrmint are the only two cats that have collars