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Maine Coon
Location: Peris, Vino, Argentvale
Rarity: Uncommon
Elusive: 2

The Maine Coon is an Uncommon kitten that can appear in Peris, Vino, and Argentvale.


In Peris, the Maine Coon has a light grey coat with darker and lighter smudges. Its eyes are lime green, and it has longer ears than most cats. It also appears as the boss of Peris. Its recolors in Vino and Argentvale are, respectively, pale orange with darker orange stripes, and light brown with a darker brown saddle and white chin. In Vino, it has yellow eyes, but in Argentvale, its eyes are dark amber.

Peris (Boss)[]

  • Level 5
  • Attack: 4, Health: 8, Speed: 2
  • Lucky Bread: _25__ Meowbux
  • Eighth/final node.

Vino (Elusive)[]

  • Level 6-9
  • Attack: 5, Health: 8, Speed: 3
  • Lucky Bread:_25__ Meowbux
  • Appears on all nodes except for the boss node.

Argentvale (Elusive)[]

  • Level 15-17
  • Attack: 4, Health: 9, Speed: 3
  • Lucky Bread:_25__ Meowbux
  • Third and sixth nodes.


  • The Maine Coon is one of only four kittens in the game to not only appear on a boss node, but to also have elusive variants in other regions. The other three are LaPerm, (Unique) Leopard and Tiger.
  • As their name suggests, Maine Coons originate in the state of Maine. They are the largest domesticated breed of cat with a distinctive physical appearance and valuable hunting skills.
  • A Maine Coon named Cosey won the first American cat show in 1895. Guiness World Records has also accepted a Maine Coon as the longest cat on record.