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  • There are 121 different cats to be caught in Catlandia. Below is a list of all cats sorted by rarity, then alphabetically.

In the 'Elusive?' column, 'Yes' means it is elusive and 'No' means it's not elusive.

Common (18 Breeds, 24 Total)[]

Picture Name Region Elusive?
AmericanWirehairArgentvale.jpg American Wirehair Argentvale No
AmericanWirehairMerDelta.jpg American Wirehair (Orange) Mer Delta Yes
AmericanWirehairAmberfield.jpg American Wirehair (Gray) Amberfield Yes
BlotchedTabby.jpg Blotched Tabby Argentvale No
BobtailBrown.jpg Bobtail (Brown) Sunrise Shores No
BobtailCalico.jpg Bobtail (Japanese) Sunrise Shores Yes
BobtailGray.jpg Bobtail (Dark Brown) Timber Forest Yes
Bombay cat.jpg Bombay Mer Delta No
Calico.jpg Calico Vino No
Classic Tabby Pic.jpg Classic Tabby Peris No
Cow.jpg Cow Eastport Harbor No
GingerTabby.jpg Ginger Tabby Peris No
Kitler.jpg Kitler Timber Forest No
MackerelTabby.jpg Mackerel Tabby Cane Island No
ManxVino.jpg Manx (Brown) Vino No
ManxCaneIsland.jpg Manx (Orange) Cane Island Yes
ManxMerDelta.jpg Manx (Grey) Mer Delta Yes
Oddeye.jpg Oddeye Peris No
Russian blue.jpg Russian Blue Amberfield No
Snowshoe.jpg Snowshoe Snowridge Valley No
Spotted-Tabby.jpg Spotted Tabby Verdant Range No
TickedTabby.jpg Ticked Tabby Vino No
Tortoiseshell.jpg Tortoiseshell Cane Island No
Tuxedo.jpg Tuxedo Peris No

Uncommon (16 Breeds, 33 Total)[]

Picture Name Region Elusive?
AbyssinianCaneIsland.jpg Abyssinian (Brown) Cane Island No
AbyssinianVerdantRange.jpg Abyssinian (Grey) Verdant Range Yes
AbyssinianSnowridgeValley.jpg Abyssinian (Blue) Snowridge Valley Yes
American Curl Vino.jpg American Curl (Grey) Vino No
AmericanCurlCaneIsland.jpg American Curl (White) Cane Island Yes
AmericanCurlMerDelta.jpg American Curl (Orange) Mer Delta Yes
AustralianMistBeige2.jpg Australian Mist (Beige) Verdant Range No
AustralianMistGray.jpg Australian Mist (Light Grey with Swirls) Eastport Harbor Yes
BritishLonghair.jpg British Longhair Sunrise Shores No
British shorthair.jpg British Shorthair Vino No
Chartreux.jpg Chartreux Argentvale No
DevonRexCaneIsland.jpg Devon Rex (White) Cane Island No
DevonRexArgentvale.jpg Devon Rex (White and Orange) Argentvale Yes
DevonRexVerdantRange.jpg Devon Rex (White and Grey) Verdant Range Yes
ExoticShorthairBrown.jpg Exotic Shorthair (Brown) Verdant Range No
ExoticShorthairGray.jpg Exotic Shorthair (Grey) Amberfield Yes
ExoticShorthairOrange.jpg Exotic Shorthair (Orange) Sunrise Shores Yes
Havana Brown.jpg Havana Brown Eastport Harbor No
Javanese.jpg Javanese Timber Forest No
MaineCoonPeris.jpg Maine Coon (Grey) Peris No
MainecoonVino.jpg Maine Coon (Gold) Vino Yes
MaineCoonArgentvale.jpg Maine Coon (Brown) Argentvale Yes
RagamuffinWG.jpg Ragamuffin (White and Grey) Argentvale No
RagamuffinBW.jpg Ragamuffin (Black and White) Amberfield Yes
RagamuffinPeach.jpg Ragamuffin (Peach) Malburg Yes
ScottishFoldRegColor.jpg Scottish Fold (Light Grey) Amberfield No
ScottishFoldOrange.jpg Scottish Fold (Orange) Eastport Harbor Yes
ScottishFoldTF.jpg Scottish Fold (Black and White) Timber Forest Yes
Tonkinese.jpg Tonkinese Mer Delta No
TurkishAngoraBrown.jpg Turkish Angora (Brown and White) Mer Delta Yes
TurkishAngoraBlack.jpg Turkish Angora (Black and White) Verdant Range Yes
TurkishAngoraWhite.jpg Turkish Angora (White) Malburg No
TurkishVan.jpg Turkish Van Mer Delta No

Rare (14 Breeds, 30 Total)[]

Picture Name Region Elusive?
Balinese.jpg Balinese Malburg No
Birman.jpg Birman Snowridge Valley No
CheetohGrey.jpg Cheetoh (Grey) Eastport Harbor Yes
CheetohOrange.jpg Cheetoh (Orange) Sunrise Shores Yes
CheetohYellow.jpg Cheetoh (Yellow) Malburg No
Egyptian mau.jpg Egyptian Mau Amberfield No
Korat.jpg Korat Snowridge Valley No
LaPermOrange.jpg LaPerm (Orange) Cane Island No
LaPermCream.jpg LaPerm (Cream) Argentvale Yes
LaPermGrey.jpg LaPerm (Grey) Verdant Range Yes
PersianWhite.jpg Persian (White) Amberfield No
PersianBlack.jpg Persian (Grey) Eastport Harbor Yes
PersianGold.jpg Persian (Orange) Timber Forest Yes
PeterbaldLB.jpg Peterbald (Light Brown) Verdant Range No
PeterbaldGray.jpg Peterbald (Grey) Amberfield Yes
PeterbaldOrange.jpg Peterbald (Orange) Sunrise Shores Yes
RagdollBW.jpg Ragdoll (White and Brown) Sunrise Shores No
RagdollOrange.jpg Ragdoll (Tortoiseshell) Timber Forest Yes
RagdollWhite.jpg Ragdoll (Flame-Tiped) Malburg Yes
Siamese.jpg Siamese Argentvale No
Siberian2.jpg Siberian (White) Amberfield Yes
SiberianTimberForest.jpg Siberian (Brown) Timber Forest No
SiberianSnowridgeValley.jpg Siberian (Dark Grey) Snowridge Valley Yes
Grey and pink.jpg Sphynx (Pink and Grey) Mer Delta No
SphynxBlack.jpg Sphynx (Black) Verdant Range Yes
SphynxPink.jpg Sphynx (Pink) Eastport Harbor Yes
LevkoyGray.jpg Ukrainian Levkoy (Grey) Eastport Harbor No
LevkoyPink.jpg Ukrainian Levkoy (Pink) Sunrise Shores Yes
LevkoyPB.jpg Ukrainian Levkoy (Pink and Black) Malburg Yes
Palas Cat.jpg Palas Cat Malburg Yes

Very Rare (11 Breeds, 21 Total)[]

Picture Name Region Elusive?
BengalOS.jpg Bengal (Orange Spots) Timber Forest No
BengalGray.jpg Bengal (Grey Spots) Timber Forest Yes
BengalStripes.jpg Bengal (Orange with Stripes) Malburg Yes
Himalayan.jpg Himalayan Mer Delta No
MunchkinOrange.jpg Munchkin (Orange) Sunrise Shores No
MunchkinGrey.jpg Munchkin (Grey) Snowridge Valley Yes
MunchkinWhite.jpg Munchkin (White) Malburg Yes
NFCTimberForest.jpg Norwegian Forest Cat (Grey) Timber Forest No
NFCSnowridgeValley.jpg Norwegian Forest Cat (Brown) Snowridge Valley Yes
NFCMalburg.jpg Norwegian Forest Cat (White) Malburg Yes
OcicatYellow.jpg Ocicat (Yellow) Snowridge Valley No
OcicatGrey.jpg Ocicat (Grey) Snowridge Valley Yes
OcicatOrange.jpg Ocicat (Red-Brown) Malburg Yes
Pixiebob.jpg Pixie-bob Malburg No
SavannahCat.jpg Savannah Amberfield No
Singapura.jpg Singapura (Light Grey) Eastport Harbor No
SingapuraSunriseShores.jpg Singapura (Dark Grey) Sunrise Shores Yes
SingapuraSnowridge.jpg Singapura (Orange) Snowridge Valley Yes
Toyger.jpg Toyger Verdant Range No
Pepurrmint.jpg Pepurrmint Snowridge Valley Yes
Leopard.jpg Leopard Malburg Yes

Unique (7 Breeds, 13 Total)[]

Picture Name Region Elusive?
ColMeowArgentvale.jpg Colonel Meow (No Uniform) Argentvale Yes
ColMeowAmberfield.jpg Colonel Meow (Green Uniform) Amberfield Yes
ColMeowSV.jpg Colonel Meow (Blue Uniform) Snowridge Valley Yes
Cougar.jpg Cougar Timber Forest No
LeopardBeige.jpg Leopard (Beige) Snowridge Valley No
LeopardGrey.jpg Leopard (White) Malburg Yes
LeopardTan.jpg Leopard (Tan) Malburg Yes
The Lion.jpg Lion Eastport Harbor No
Sand Cat.jpg Sand Cat Snowridge Valley No
Pro-ss-Tiger.png Tiger (White) Sunrise Shores No
TigerSnowridgeValley.jpg Tiger (Orange) Snowridge Valley Yes
PantherMalburg.jpg Panther Malburg No
Mythicat.jpg Mythicat Malburg Yes