The Lion
Location: Eastport Harbor (Boss)
Rarity: Unique
Elusive: None

The Lion is Unique and is found as the Boss of Eastport Harbor.


The Lion has a pale bronze coat with a bushy, dark brown-and-gold mane, a large muzzle, yellow eyes, and a tuft of fur at the end of its tail.

Eastport HarborEdit

  • Level 39
  • Attack 10, Health 8, Speed 6
  • Lucky Bread 265 Meowbux
  • Eighth battle node


  • While male lions with their distinctive manes are typically referred to as the 'king of the jungle', they generally live in the savannah or grasslands, and it is usually a group of female lions that do the hunting.
  • Although most cats in the game have no specific gender, this is a male lion, because of its mane.