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Location: Mer Delta (Boss)
Rarity: Very Rare
Elusive: none

The Himalayan is a Very Rare cat found as the Boss of Mer Delta. It's Lightning attack, like all very rare cats, is throwing bread.


The Himalayan is a stocky cat with long, soft poofy fur. It is mostly white with dark brown points. It has sky blue eyes. It is a furball and it is also very fluffy.Its legs are small and roundish.


The Himalayan is found in Mer Delta as the boss, meaning that it is in the last battle spot.


  • Attack = 7
  • Health = 9
  • Speed = 8 also 3


The Himalayan proves itself as a challenging boss because of its tank-like qualities. Its relatively high health and not too shabby attack, in addition to being the first Very Rare kitten encountered, make it a boss that needs lots and lots of cat chow and bread armor to defeat.


The Himalayan is a colorpoint Persian.

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