Bread_Kittens Wiki

Being a game for a mobile device, this game has had its share of bugs. However, these bugs aren't as easy to discover as most people would seem to think. Surprisingly, despite the game having an online battle feature, and being loaded with ads, the bugs mostly involve the time on the phone or tablet itself. Also, most glitches and bugs are minor programming slip-ups, and don't affect gameplay much in a negative way. However, occasionally too much lag in the game will close it and potentially erase game data.

One small thing that isn't really a glitch that I've found is a great way to save Dog Chow / Cat Chow. Since it has nothing to do with coding, the game can't fix it. If you enter a battle or get ambushed and need to retreat, simply exit out of the game, close it so it isn't open, and restart it. You will be out of the battle. This is useful when trying to catch new cats or dogs and them not coming into the battle.

Infinite Spins[]

The first notable glitch for this game is the fact that someone can easily get infinite spins on the Siamese Slots. All that you have to do is Spin, then change the time on your clock ahead 9 hours, or more easily, push forward 1 day. This also works for baking, and healing your kittens. However, if you aren't careful, you can easily make it to where you need to wait hundreds of hours to spin. This is why once you get the free spin available, you set the time back to the current time so that you get the spin, and don't mess up your device's time. 

Ad Bug[]

Certain ads that this game has don't check to see if you've completed the action. This results in you leaving the game to head to the ad's destination, then go back in the game to receive your reward before you even need to check the other games or Facebook pages out. This bug is rather simple compared to the other one, however, it relies somewhat on chance.

Experience Points Bug[]

It's unknown what causes this bug, but occasionally when a cat is caught it will have full exp. When any other cat has full exp, it gains a level and resets the exp bar and adds the difference. However, this cat's exp bar will have a fraction equal to one (like 10834/10834), but it will only gain a level when additional experience is gained. Effectively, you have caught a cat of one higher level then you thought.

This will happen if you bread a cat that is meant to be Level 56, though only shows as Level 55.

Listing Bug[]

Although the non-elusive Ocicat is listed to be in Timber Forest, it will sometimes ambush the player in Snowridge Valley. It will also appear on the fourth (and possibly other) Snowridge Valley battle spots.

Another example of incorrect listing is the Oddeye. Although it is listed to be in Peris, for a while it could occasionally be encountered in Vino.

Scrolling Glitch[]

When viewing kittens in the dojo, the player can tap a cat for a more detailed profile. While this window is up, the player can scroll from one profile to another, without exiting the window. If the player scrolls from a caught cat to an uncaught cat, then back to a caught cat, the caught cat will no longer display health and experience points, like the uncaught cat. However, unlike the uncaught cat, the caught cat will still display its level. This was fixed in the 2.14.5 update.

Floating Bread Glitch[]

This cat's bread is 'floating' over its head

This glitch is similar to the Scrolling Glitch. When in the detailed profile of a cat in the dojo, if the cat has bread and you scroll from side to side, the bread will not disappear if the next cat has no bread. Instead, the bread will stay in the same place, regardless of the height of the next cat. This can make the bread appear as if it is floating. If the scrolled-to cat either has bread of its own or is uncaught, the glitch will not happen. This was fixed in the 2.14.5 update.

Giant Kitten Glitch[]

Giant kitten in battle on ipad version of game.

In the Timber Forest, the elusive (gold) Persian cat appears to be at least three times larger than normal size. After breading and capture, whilst the kitten appears perfectly normal in the kitten dojo it is larger than normal in the icons of the kitten party in the bottom left hand corner in the map screen and remains gigantic in battle.  Despite its terrifyingly huge build it is no more stronger than a normal sized Persian.

Another kitten that is affected by the glitch is the Siberian in Snowridge Valley. It is exactly like the gold Persian, except it is a Siberian.

Adoption Glitch[]

I recently got a Snowshoe from the Adoption Center. It said "Congratulations!! Your new Snowshoe is waiting for you in the dojo!" But I couldn't find her, and twice I looked. I pressed the home button and shut it off. A second later I turned it on. No Snowshoe. I then had a brilliant idea: engage in a Battle. I battled and lost (man, Colonel Meow is strong!). Then my Snowshoe appeared!

Free Meowbux[]

If you watch videos for meowbux until you can't watch any more videos, go out of the shop tab and go back in it. You can watch them again and get infinite meowbux.

No Kitten In Battle Glitch[]

In the first version of the game, when it was just developed, when you tried to battle it said you had no kittens! But... rarely, you can get into a battle with an invisible kitten with 0/0 health and its level is 0, usually when (attempting to) using Ginger. If you complete the battle with that invisible kitten, then it says you have all the kittens in the game! This bug was fixed in an early update.

Grayscale Emoji[]

If characters from the iOS Emoji keyboard are used in a kitten's name, the emoji will look perfectly fine on the dojo screen, but in battle the symbols will be in grayscale. This is probably due to a code making the text appear black, and the reason it only shows up correctly in the dojo is due to the colored text with rarity.

Emoji derp.jpg

Instant Healing Glitch[]

My team had pretty low health when I encountered this. I went in a battle in Grazey Pasture with my Whippet, Miles. The game crashed almost instantly. I went back on the app a second later, and suddenly my puppies were completely healed!

PVP Glitch[]

Occasionally when you go out to PVP, the screen will seem to freeze. It will say it's your opponents turn even if it may not be. If your opponent has higher speed, you'll be unable to see their attack. 10 seconds later, the game says you'd won. However, even after, the other person's battle keeps going, saying its your turn. To temporarily fix this, double tap home and exit out the app.

Enemy Level Bug[]

I don't really want to call it a glitch, it doesn't seem like it. It is more likely a bug in the game's data. But anyway. Let's get to it. When doing any sort of battle (Elite or Regular) and it says "Level 56 Fight", you will encounter a cat that is Level 55. Always. Happened to me both ways. Though the fight plays as normal, because it is a normal battle. Though if you bread the cat, it will stay at Level 55 though it will have the Experience Points Bug. This is most likely something to do with the coding, and Level 56 cats not being coded to be fought against (so taking it down to Level 55 made the most sense).

Moneybags Glitch[]

In version 3.16.1 (current as of 8 January 2017), when the "moneybags" icon in the side navigation is pressed directly over the bakery icon; right of the to-do list), the game freezes. None of the other icons can be pressed and the window isn't able to be exited until the game is quit and restarted. This was fixed in version 3.15.5 (current as of 14 April 2018).

Interrupted Audio Bug[]

I know this game is pretty dead and I don’t know if this is a true glitch or bug, but here we go anyway. If you have music and sound effects on and you’re in a battle and another app on your phone (i.e. a phone call) interrupts the audio, the battle music stops playing but the sound effects continue. However, after the audio from the other app stops, the battle music does not resume until after the battle. This is pretty normal, but I’ve noticed other games will have the music continue after the other audio has stopped.

Double Experience Bug[]

Not sure if this works on Bread Puppies, but it works for me on Bread Kittens. For this you’ll need a Game Center account so your progress is not wiped. Delete the app from your device and reinstall the game. When you enter in the app, you can restore your progress by clicking on the small box and pressing on the right button that immediately pops up on your screen. It’s in Japanese, so be sure to do exactly that if it is for you. After you still have your progress, leave and restart the app (don’t delete it this time!) just close it and reopen it. Go to the map and you’ll receive a free double exp for 2 hours!

Transfering Bug[]

If you play the game on a device normally and then transfer your progress to another device, the game will show the tutorial again, even though you already saw the tutorial on the first device. This also work if you disinstall the game and then re-install it, because it saves your progress. At first this seems like a useless bug, but you can use it to get infinite extra exp, because the game gives you a free one very early in a tutorial to show you it exists