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Ginger Tabby
Ginger No Bread.jpg
Location: Peris
Rarity: Common
Elusive: None

The Ginger Tabby is a Common cat found in Peris at the fourth and fifth nodes, although it cannot be breaded. Named Ginger, it is the player's starter cat, which teaches the player how to play the game at the beginning of the player's journey through Catlandia.


The Ginger Tabby is a rather stocky, short-furred cat. It has pale ginger tabby fur with a white stomach, white paws, a white-tipped tail, and yellow-green eyes. It also appears to be smiling.


  • Level 3-4
  • Common stats: Attack: 5, Health: 5, Speed: 2


  • The Ginger Tabby, along with the Sand Cat, (Very Rare) Leopard, Palas Cat, and Mythicat is a kitten that cannot be breaded, because it is given as a starter kitten and only one of each kitten can be captured.
  • Though many of the kittens in the game do not appear to have a specific gender, the Ginger Tabby's design makes it appear more feminine.