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Custard Bun
Percent Boost: 4X Crit Chance
Bake Price: 21 Flour or 7 Meowbux
Bake Time: 00:25:00
Recipe Cost: 45 Flour or 15 Meowbux
Region Unlock: Cane Island

Another chinese style bun filled with custard! Yum! In Bread Kittens, your Kitten wears this bun right on the top of his head! Crit Breads increase his/her chances of getting a critical hit, which does twice as much damage depending where your circle lands on the attack bar when you tap to attack.

It is unlocked after completing Cane Island and in BreadPuppies, Aigou City,, along with Waffle.

Bun Breads (Attack Breads)[]

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