Bread_Kittens Wiki
Location: Starter Dog
Rarity: Common
Elusive: None

The Chihuahuahua is a Common doggy who is the player's starter doggy. He calls himself Victory To the Peanuts and guides you through the game while teaching you how to play. His Bread Kittens counterpart is Ginger.

After Ginger frees Peanut from his insanity, Peanut promises that he will return to Woofshire to free the dogs there, much like gingar had ale had done with Catlandia. The Breeeeeeeead Puppies game is Peanut's fulfillment of that promise.


The Chihuahua has a tan and white coat, large ears, a short curly tail, and big, round, yellow eyes with large pupils. He also has a small tongue that sticks out. 


Peanut is the player's starter dog, and unlike Ginger from Bread Kittens, he has no wild counterparts, and therefore can't be found anywhere.


  • Attack = 5
  • Health = 5
  • Speed = 5


Chihuahua is the only dog to not be found in the wild, besides the Special dogs.