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Important Links[]

About Bread Kittens []

Bread Kittens is a simulation application developed by Bake450 for the iOS platform. It may be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and played on the iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. It requires iOS 7.0 or later.

Bread Puppies is the sequel (released May 2015); very similar to the first game. It has dogs instead of cats.

Story and Basic Gameplay[]

Ginger pro.png

Ginger, your starting kitten, recounts the story of the evil ChowCorp that has tainted the cat food and has made all the cats in Catlandia aggressive ("feral") You must courageously battle and "bread" (capture) these kittens in each region and build your team of kittens to defeat the evil ChowCorp.

Bread Puppies has essentially the same story and gameplay, but it has dogs instead of cats. Also, there are no Elusive variants of dogs as in Bread Kittens. Peanut is your starter dog, and you travel around Woofshire to free dogs and add to your team.

The tabs at the bottom of the map screen show you the name of the region you are in, how many kittens you've breaded in that region/total that can be breaded, and how many stars you've earned in that region. The bar below shows how much kitten food you have (for healing during battle or escaping a battle), how much capture bread you have on hand, how much flour you have, and how many Meowbux ( or BowBux) you have. (Flour is used to bake bread, of course.) Once a kitten is breaded, you can equip them with special breads to enhance your kitten's stats or give them special abilities.

Bread Kittens World Map - Catlandia

Bread Puppies World Map - Woofshire

You battle kittens (or puppies) throughout the regions, breading them, adding to your team, and earning stats. At each node you have an opportunity to earn 1 - 3 stars, depending on how accurately the attack meter is pressed and whether any kittens/puppies faint. As you earn stars through the game, you earn achievements in the Game Center. You can also get ambushed by a random kitten/puppy while traveling from node to node. (Ambushes do not affect your stars on the actual nodes.) The stars earned at each battle count toward your achievement total.

Cats and Puppies[]

There are 121 different types of kitten as of update 3.15.1. Some of these species vary by coat color; some forms are referred to as "elusive recolors". One breed of kitten can have up to 2 different "elusive recolors" at a time. Kitten species come in five rarities: common, uncommon, rare, very rare, and unique. For a list of all cats, click here.

There are 106 different types of puppies as of update 1.9.7. Unlike Bread Kittens, Bread Puppies did not release any "elusive recolors", meaning there are less puppy varieties to bread. Puppy species come in five rarities: common, uncommon, rare, very rare, and unique.

Materials and Rewards[]

Food (Cat Chow or Dog Chow) - The bowls of Cat Chow/Dog Chow are available for healing your kittens during and after battles. You can also use 1 Cat Chow/Dog Chow to escape from a battle. You can earn them by battling, playing Siamese Slots, or by purchasing more with Meowbux.
Capture Bread - White and Wheat Breads can be awarded after battles, won in Siamese Slots, purchased with Meowbux, or baked in your Bakery. You need one of these types of breads to catch Kittens.
Flour- what you need to bake breads and purchase your bread recipes. It can be earned in battle, won through Siamese Slots or purchased with Meowbux.
Meowbux - Meowbux are Bake450's bread and butter! Meowbux can be used in the store to buy more Kitten Food, Capture Bread and Flour. You can also use Meowbux to speed up baking, unlock more ovens, get more spins on the Siamese Slots, and buy bread recipes. Any purchase of Meowbux removes ads from the game, but you can also earn Meowbux through Game Center achievements and from playing the Slots. Meowbux are also very rarely obtained from battles.
BowBux - the form of Meowbux in Bread Puppies. BowBux seem to be worth less than Meowbux. While one Meowbux is worth 10¢ in real money, a BowBux are worth only 1¢. Although Meowbux is rarely given as a reward after battle, BowBux will be rewarded more often than Meowbux.
Slots dice.png
Siamese Slots - You can play the slots for free once every 9 hours. Inviting friends to play can get you additional free spins. If you want to spin again, however, you must pay an additional 3 Meowbux. You can win Capture Bread, Food, Flour, Meowbux and more spins. Thanks to contributor, RedHerrin, for letting us know the prize for the 777 result is 10 Meowbux! (Note: In Bread Puppies, the Slots are called Saluki Slots and require 30 BowBux for an extra spin.)
Adoption Center - Added in a recent update, the adoption center lets you adopt kittens for Meowbux without having to find them in the wild. All cats will have a level equal to the highest leveled cat on your active team, so be sure to set your highest leveled cat to your active team before adopting for best results! The adoption center refreshes every twenty four hours with new cats.

Regions of Catlandia[]

Pages for each region will list:

  • Available kittens to bread and fight
  • Level of rarity
  • Bread types unlocked
  • The range of levels of kittens from the first node to the last.

If your kitten's levels are higher than that of your opposing kitten you earn no rewards.

Click on each region below to learn more about it.

Regions of Woofshire[]

Pages for each region will list the puppies available to be breaded, how common, uncommon, etc. they are, breads that are unlocked and the range of levels of puppies from the first node to the last. Knowing the levels of puppies in each region is useful in that if you missed a puppy, you can put together a three-puppy team of the same level type as that cat to ensure that you earn rewards for each battle. If your puppy's levels are higher than that of your opposing puppy you earn no rewards.

Click on the region below to learn more about it.

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