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Bosses can be found in the last space of every Region. They are unique in the fact that they are usually one rarity above any other cat or dog in the area, making them harder to defeat.


An angry Cougar

All Bosses, when first battled, are angry. This angered status makes them more powerful and prevents them from being caught. After a boss has been defeated once, the angered status goes away; it can then be captured in another battle. When Angry, a cat or dog will have skulls flying out of it, similar to an elusive cat.

Catlandia Bosses[]

The Boss of Peris is a Maine Coon.

The Boss of Vino is a British Shorthair.

The Boss of Cane Island is a LaPerm.

The Boss of Argentvale is a Siamese.

The Boss of Mer Delta is a Himalayan.

The Boss of Verdant Range is a Toyger.

The Boss of Amberfield is a Savannah.

The Boss of Eastport Harbor is a Lion.

The Boss of Sunrise Shores is a Tiger.

The Boss of Timber Forest is a Cougar.

The Boss of Snowridge Valley is a Leopard.

The Boss of Malburg is a Panther.

Woofshire Bosses[]

Bosses are exactly the same in Woofshire; they are on the last battle spot, they are angry, and their angry status goes away once defeated.

The Boss of Breezy Expanse is a Pomeranian.

The Boss of Tranquil Loch is a Bull Terrier.

The Boss of Aigou City is a Lhasa Apso.

The Boss of Hoshu Isle is an Akita.

The Boss of Perroguay is a Greyhound.

The Boss of Grazey Pasture is an Australian Shepherd.

The Boss of Froslandica is a Siberian Husky.

The Boss of Engleville is a Whippet.

The Boss of New Yorkie is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Boss of Clover Cliffs is a Welsh Terrier

The Boss of Barkley Hills is a Collie

The Boss of Thundery Crag is a Gray Wolf