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Australian Mist
Location: Verdant Range, Eastport Harbor
Rarity: Uncommon
Elusive: 1

The Australian Mist is an uncommon cat found in Verdant Range and Eastport Harbor.


The Australian Mist is a slender cat with yellow-green eyes. In Verdant Range, it is pale beige with a light brown-spotted body, cream chest, and brown-striped head and tail. Its recolor in Eastport Harbor is pale grey with grey stripes on its body, head, and tail. 

Verdant Range

Levels: __

Attack: 5, Health: 7, Speed: 8

Lucky Bread: 25 Meowbux

Battle Spots: __

Eastport Harbor (Elusive)

Levels: __

Attack: 6, Health: 7, Speed: 9

Lucky Bread: 25 Meowbux

Battle Spots: First, third and sixth nodes

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