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American Wirehair
Location: Argentvale, Mer Delta, Amberfield
Rarity: Common
Elusive: 2

The American Wirehair is a Common kitten that can appear in Argentvale, Mer Delta, and Amberfield.


The American Wirehair is an average looking cat except for one thing: its fur is standing on end! This gives it a poofy, chubby appearance. The furs are also slightly kinked, so the fur looks a little wavy. All American Wirehairs have amber eyes.

  • The Argentvale American Wirehair is mostly brown with dark brown stripes and a white chest and paws.
  • The Mer Delta American Wirehair is orange tabby with a lighter chest, paws, and undertail.
  • The Amberfield American Wirehair is grey with dark grey stripes and it has a lighter section on its face, chest, and paws.


  • Level 14, 16, and 17
  • Lucky Bread: 15 Meowbux
  • First, Second, Fifth and Sixth nodes.
  • Common stats: Attack: 6, Health: 4, Speed: 2

Mer Delta (Elusive)[]

  • Level 18, 20, and 21
  • Lucky Bread: 15 Meowbux
  • Second, Fourth and Sixth nodes.
  • Common Stats: Attack: 7, Health: 4, Speed: 2

Amberfield (Elusive)[]

  • Level 28, 30, and 31
  • Lucky Bread: 15 Meowbux
  • First, Fourth and Sixth nodes.
  • Common stats: Attack: 6, Health: 5, Speed: 2