Bread_Kittens Wiki
Location: Cane Island, Verdant Range, Snowridge Valley
Rarity: Uncommon
Elusive: 2

The Abyssinian is an Uncommon kitten that can appear in Cane Island, Verdant Range, and Snowridge Valley.


The Abyssinian is a slim and short-furred kitten with no visible pattern. In Cane Island, the cat is light brown with a tan face and belly, while its recolors in Verdant Range and Snowridge Valley are, respectively, grey with a white underbelly and face, and blue-gray with a white underbelly and face. 

Cane Island[]

  • Level 10-13
  • Attack: 6, Health: 6, Speed: 3
  • Lucky Bread: ___ Meowbux
  • Second, third, sixth and seventh nodes. Ambushes at first and fifth nodes.

Verdant Range (Elusive)[]

  • Level 23-26
  • Attack: 6, Health: 7, Speed: 3
  • Lucky Bread:___ Meowbux
  • Second, fourth and sixth nodes.

Snowridge Valley (Elusive)[]

  • Level 55-57
  • Attack: 7, Health: 6, Speed: 3
  • Lucky Bread: ___ Meowbux
  • Third and sixth nodes. Ambush at First and sixth nodes.


  • The Abyssinian is a kitten whose variants have the most spread out levels. The default level of each variant has at least each ten or more levels more or less than another.
  • All three Abyssinian variants have the same eye color.